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About Us

Jasper’s Splash Zone is a canine aquatics and sports training center dedicated to promoting fun and fitness for dogs and their handlers. We are home to Colorado Spring’s largest recreational indoor pool facility for dogs with a 41 X 21 foot heated pool and a regulation dock for the sport of dock jumping. You can reserve private pool time for your dog to enjoy a recreational swim alone or with friends, or train for the sport of dock jumping.

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact exercise perfect for senior dogs, overweight dogs, or dogs recovering from injury or surgery. The resistance of the water is also great for conditioning the bodies of canine athletes. (Dogs with a recent injury or surgery must have approval from their veterinarian prior to participating in activities here).

We also provide K9 fitness & conditioning programs, Canine massage body work, and K9 scent detection training for the sport of Nose Work.

Our goal is not only to provide services that can assist a dog to compete at its highest performance level, but to also provide services that enable a dog to be fit for life. So, we not only focus on performance dogs but we also focus on enabling dogs to achieve optimum fitness for all phases of their lives – from puppyhood through their senior years.

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