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K-9 Fitness Training

K-9 Fitness Training
K-9 Fitness Training


Whether you are seeking to get your dog in shape, stay in shape, lose weight, optimize your K-9 athlete’s fitness level, or take your canine’s fitness to a whole new level, our K-9 Fitness & Conditioning programs are helping families make improvements to their pets’ overall health. As more and more dogs compete in dog sports, handlers are looking for ways to create a better canine athlete. One that is stronger, faster, and less likely to get injured or to enable quick recovery should an injury occur. But K-9 Fitness and Conditioning isn’t just for canine athletes. Even if your dog is just a family pet, they could benefit from a K-9 Fitness and Conditioning training program. K-9 Fitness and Conditioning training is helping many dogs achieve this goal.

The following are dogs that can benefit from a K-9 Fitness and Conditioning training program tailored to their needs:

  • K-9 Athletes
  • Dogs competing in conformation
  • Over weight dogs
  • Dogs who suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, MPL, or other joint related issues
  • Dogs with genetic issues that affect the way they move
  • Dogs recovering from a muscle, ligament or tissue injury 
  • Puppies & senior dogs

Our K-9 Fitness & Conditioning program teaches proper exercise form and provides you with a canine fitness program that will enable your dog to achieve optimum performance using science based, force-free training methods and canine-specific conditioning equipment. Our personalized K-9 Fitness & Conditioning programs are designed to improve your dog’s level of body awareness, strength, and performance through fun, efficient and challenging exercises. Choosing exercises that fit the individual dog and the activities the dog participates in is important. Our personalized K-9 Fitness & Conditioning Programs are tailored to your dog based on the following factors:

  • Age and weight
  • Structure
  • Gait analysis
  • Performance activities of the dog – your dog’s daily activities, work, and/or sport(s)
  • Physical conditions or limitations of both the handler and the dog
  • Goals you have for your dog

Our K-9 Fitness & Conditioning programs are provided by a certified FitPaws Master Trainer.

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K-9 Fitness Training

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