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K-9 Massage Body Work

K-9 Massage Body Work

MASSAGE and BODYWORK works on many levels, making a positive difference in every dog’s life. Massage can help ease pain, prevent injury, promote healing, and much more. Through an understanding of overall structure, balance and movement, the entire canine is considered. 

Massage is not petting. Massage is focused, intentional, and deliberate touch to balance, soothe, and energize. A trained practitioner’s hands become sensing devices that interact with the dog to improve the dog’s overall health and quality of life.

What massage and bodywork can do:

  • increase circulation and oxygenation to the cells of the body
  • expedite removal of wastes and toxins
  • stimulate the immune system
  • decrease pain, soreness and stiffness
  • restore supple muscle tone
  • improve muscle function
  • stimulate nerve function to improve proprioception
  • re-train neural pathways
  • increase flexibility and range of motion
  • improve socialization skills

Conditions that can benefit from massage and bodywork include:

  • compensatory patterns due to structural imbalances/poor conformation
  • orthopedic diseases (e.g., hip dysplasia, spondylosis)
  • neck and back injuries
  • postoperative healing
  • sports injuries
  • arthritis
  • hindquarter weakness
  • aging and inactivity
  • behavioral issues (fear, anxiety, insecurities)
  • hospice care (physical, emotional and spiritual comfort through loving touch)

Dogs that can benefit from massage and bodywork:

  • Senior dogs
  • K9 Athletes
  • Conformation dogs
  • Post surgery dogs with the approval from a veterinarian
  • Puppies & young dogs
  • Adult dogs 

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