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Who is Jasper?


Despite the many years of training Jasper, Rich Schafer, Jasper’s co-owner had always wished that Jasper could earn his Grand Master Hunter title, but Jasper’s drive and high energy never seemed to transpire in performing well in hunt tests. So Rich gave up on this goal and decided to simply take Jasper on hunting outings, an activity Jasper enjoyed immensely. One day in the summer of 2006, we heard that there was a dog dock jumping competition in Sidney, Nebraska. Rich had seen this type of event on ESPN and always wondered how Jasper could do. When we heard that the Sidney event was open to any dog, we entered Jasper. On a hot summer day in Sidney, Jasper took his first practice jump off the dock and into the pool. He was a natural and seem to absolutely love it. Jasper ended up winning the event. 

After seeing the enjoyment that Jasper got from jumping, we decided to enter him in another event in Kansas City, KS in August, 2006. Although Jasper placed 6th at this event, to our delight, he earned his Master Jumper title with DockDogs which made him eligible to compete in the 2006 DockDogs National Championships at both the Master and Elite levels. 

So, we headed off that October to the 2006 DockDogs Nationals in Kansas City for only our third event of the year. After a fun filled weekend of nail biting waves, Jasper ended up placing 2nd in the Master Big Air division and 3rd place in the Elite (the highest level back then) Big Air division. From there Team Jasper got hooked. In 2007, Jasper and Rich won the Western Regional Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Diving Dog division and was also named the 2007 DockDogs Top Black Labrador Retriever. He was one of the first dogs in Colorado to compete in dock jumping and competed in 23 states in addition to Whistler, Canada. Jasper participated in five DockDogs World Championships (2007, 2008, 2012, 2013 & 2014), the most of any dog in Colorado. In 2008, Jasper received his Super Elite Big Air title, the highest level, at age 7! Jasper was awarded the DockDogs 2009 Top Veteran Dog of The Year and ended his 2009 season by taking first place at Nationals in the Veteran competition! In 2013, Jasper was awarded the most prestigious award in DockDogs and inducted into the DockDogs Hall of Fame. 

Jasper was proudly sponsored by Zuke’s and The K9 Body Shop from the start of his career. Both Zuke’s and The K9 Body Shop were instrumental in the success and longevity of Jasper’s career.

Since Jasper’s very first dock jumping competition in 2006, Team Jasper has donated ALL of their winnings and matched their earned credits in dock jumping to the Chase Away K9 Cancer fund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund research to cure K9 Cancer. Over his competitive career, he raised thousands of dollars for this organization.

Ironically, in August 2014, Jasper was diagnosed with three types of cancer – a rare form of fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and primary pulmonary sarcoma. Within two weeks of each other, Jasper had an emergency splenectomy due to his fibrosarcoma followed by a limb spare surgery to address his osteosarcoma. It was a testament to the level of fitness Jasper had even in his senior years. Thanks to the CSU Veterinary Flint Cancer Center, he was able to enjoy a high level of quality of life and was a K9 Cancer Warrior for 9 months post diagnosis. Ten weeks post his limb spare surgery, Jasper competed in what would be his last DockDogs World’s Championship in November, 2014.  In January, 2015, he competed in his second to last DockDogs competition in Utah and placed third in his division. This would be his last match to the Chase Away K9 Cancer fund.  He competed in his last DockDogs competition in February, 2015 in Kansas City. In March, Jasper hosted the First Annual Jasper Invitational, a fundraiser for the Chase Away K9 Cancer fund. It would be his last jump off a dock with family and friends present at the age of 14. 

Jasper passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on May 12, 2015.

Bar Ten’s Bumpkin Brown JSP “Jasper” March 2, 2001 – May 12, 2015

We carry Jasper in our hearts everyday!

Team Jasper’s Facebook Page:

Jasper’s Career Highlights:

  • Inducted into DockDogs Hall of Fame, 2013
  • Team Jasper (with Rich Schafer as handler) has appeared on ESPN, Versus, The Outdoor Channel, NBC, NBC Sports Network, The Travel Channel, and various local TV station & newspaper interviews.
  • Sponsored by Zuke’s and The K9 Body Shop
  •  Titles:
    • DockDogs: Super Elite Jumper, Speed Retrieve Nitro, Extreme Vertical Cadet, Iron Dog
    • National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW): NW1
  • Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regional Champion, 2007
  • 2007 Super Retriever Series (SRS) Super Fly Crown Championship – 4th Place
  • Top Achievements in DockDogs®:
    • 2013, Hall of Fame Inductee (Jasper & Rich Schafer)
    • 2006 National Championships, Third Place Big Air         
    • World Championship Competitor, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013 & 2014
    • National Championship Competitor, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010
    • 2007 Top Black Labrador Retriever
    • 2008 Contributor Award – Awarded to Rich Schafer, one of the creators of the DockDogs Iron Dog points system and creator of the Iron Dog Points Calculator iphone/Android Apps
    • 2008 Top Ranked Speed Retrieve, Zone 2
    • 2009 Top Ranked Overall Veteran Dog (Gracie Award)
    • 2009 National Champion, Veteran Division
    • 2010 Top Ranked Regional Big Air Veteran Dog
    • 2010 Top Ranked National Big Air Veteran Dog, Zones 1 & 4
    • 2010 National Championships –2nd Place Veteran Division
    • 2010 Oldest dog competing in Iron Dog
    • 2011 Top Ranked National Big Air Veteran Dog – Zone 1
    • 2011 Top Ranked Worldwide Legend Dog
    • 2012 3rd Ranked Worldwide Legend Dog
    • 2012 World Championships, 4th place Legend Dog
    • 2013 Top Ranked Legend Dog, Canada
    • 2015 Oldest ranked DockDog

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